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Ploughshares Solos 6.4

Billy O’Callaghan’s short story, A Death In The Family, has been released as a Ploughshares Solo.

Nellie’s brother Jimmy passed away when she was only nine years old. As she reflects on the accident that claimed his life, she must acknowledge her own mortality and the empty space that death leaves behind.

The story can be obtained as a digital download from Ploughshares, or on

The Dead House by Billy O'CallaghanA chilling debut novel by acclaimed short story writer Billy O’Callaghan.

Published by Brandon Books, an imprint of O’Brien Press, The Dead House is now available from online retailers and all good bookstores.

The Dead House will also be published in the US in Spring 2018 by Arcade Publishing, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing!

Attempting to rebuild her life after a violent relationship, Maggie Turner, a successful young artist, moves from London to Allihies and buys an ancient abandoned cottage. Keen to concentrate on her art, she is captivated by the wild beauty of her surroundings.

After renovations, she hosts a house-warming weekend for friends. A drunken game with a Ouija board briefly descends into something more sinister, as Maggie apparently channels a spirit who refers to himself simply as ‘The Master’. The others are visibly shaken, but the day after the whole thing is easily dismissed as the combination of suggestion and alcohol.

Maggie immerses herself in her painting, but the work devolves, day by day, until her style is no longer recognisable. She glimpses things, hears voices, finds herself drawn to certain areas: a stone circle in the nearby hills, the reefs at the west end of the beach behind her home … A compelling modern ghost story from a supremely talented writer.

…a welcome voice to the pantheon of new Irish writing – Edna O’Brien